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    About Jinhe

    Welcome to Jinhe Center for Economic Research(JCER)at XJTU(Xi’an Jiaotong University). Located in Xi’an, a beautiful famous ancient city in Northwest China, JCER was established in XJTU in June, 1997 with the goal of cultivate young economists to meet the urgent need and adapt to China’s rapid economic reform and development. It has growing into one of the national famous economic research and teaching institutions. New ideas and new directions in economic research are being developed and pursued with vigor. Jinhe center offers degree education of different levels in economics with multiple curricula and teaching materials adopted from international leading graduate programs in economics. Bilingual instructions are given by well known faculties from both China and abroad. Jinhe Center devotes to present high-standard education, rigorous academic research and assessment, as well as theory learning and practical ability training.

    The main research fileds of Jinhe Center focuses on abstract theories and quantitative methods. And application fields including trade policy, finance and economic forecasting are also significant consisting part of lecture specialties in Jinhe Center. Meanwhile, our faculty are specialized in health economics, resourse economics and other branches of economics.

    Jinhe Center today is a vibrant collection of faculty and students. In the past 17 years, on average, the center maintained more than 30 well known teachers that all graduated from famous universities and institutions from world wide such as Taiwan University, Academia Sinica, Princeton University of US, Tilburg University of Netherlands, York University of Canada, Monash University of Australia, University of Washington etc. to teach and help with the study and research work of students. At present, Jinhe Center have 6 excellent tenure teachers working here and most of them are holding the Ph.D degree from famous university in the world in economics, including University of Washington, Tilburg University of Netherlands and Unviersity of Tsukuba in Japan etc.

    Jinhe Center also welcomes excellent undergraduates of science and engineering related education background to continue their study in Jinhe Center, and our students are expected to have strong interest and keen desire to study economic theories and deal with diversified economic issues. Jinhe attaches great importance to students’ education of mathematics and application methods. We have started enrolling Academic Master’s degree Candidates since 2000 and Doctoral Candidates since 2003. In addition, excellent undergraduates have been selected from schools related to science and engineering or another economic programs in Xi’an JiaoTong University every year among the sophomores(since 2008)and freshmen (since 2014). Until present, about 140 students are enrolled in our program pursuing for different degrees. We accept approximately 20 undergraduates, 15 master candidates, 6 doctoral candidates per year. Student dissertation topics span a wide range of issues in microeconomics and macroeconomics, and advance the frontier of economic theory, data analysis, and econometric methodology.

    Our researches and instructions aim at fostering our students to master integrated skills and outstanding comprehensive quality, to get a profound understanding of the single subject or interdisciplinary structure of knowledge of economics, to strengthen their mathematical knowledge accumulation and as well as to acquired proficiency in English through practice. Our graduates were recruited and start their own career in diverse fields such as the government offices, financial institutions, world-renowned international enterprises, academic institutions, meanwhile, some graduates choose to continue their study in world-class universities. Employed or continuing study, our graduates are quite qualified and makes great contributions to the national development in different fields.

    Besides, Jinhe Center enroll students who are interested in the study of Economics from other countries or regions, present programs are designed and taught in English thus we suggest that the applicants should have the basic English learning background.

    In the future, Jinhe Center for Economics Research will endeavor to continue the strive of  innovative development, excellent education and research in economics.


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